Act Your Age

by Killer Kill

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released May 15, 2012

This album features songs written by John Guest, Cameron Taylor and Mason Macias. John wrote a good chunk of the music for all 5 tracks and played bass; Cameron wrote all of the lyrics, pretty much, co-wrote many, many guitar parts, recorded all vocals and played guitar; Mason wrote all of his drum parts, helped with bass/guitar ideas and arrangements and, of course, played drums. This album was recorded on Easter Sunday 2012 and later mixed and mastered by Mason Macias in San Antonio, TX.



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Killer Kill San Antonio, Texas

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Track Name: Actress
Foolishly I can see you dying in there skin
I feel you
feel you
Close to hell
your so close to hell
Your almost there
your almost there
your almost there
your almost there
Where could you be
Ive never seen dying in the corner
You are such an Actress
oh such an Actress
What could you hide
What could you feel
wont you come
wont you come
Wont you come out for me
wont you come
wont you come
Wont you come out for me
Show yourself in the light
Your Heart is Black

No I will not take you
Want you and I should care
but you tempt me
but you tempt me
So I fruitlessly follow
till you lead me to your grave
but your not there
but your teasing I'm a waiting
Teasing Im awaiting
Follow the people
Fuck the people
Follow the people
Fuck the people
Your an actress
quite the actress
Who could ever deny
Your soul is grey
Track Name: When I'm Away
No you cannot have this artifact, you cannot take it back
Easily you must desire, hold yourself back from the fire
Who could love you, who would take you, truth is that your drone.
I will paint the air with your screams until its time to go
I think you've got something to make this bloody corpse approve.
Who's to be the one to hold your hand while your led to the grave.

When Im Away
When Im Away
When Im Away
When Im Away

Its my advise that you quickly learn to run,
Sounds weird to say but I think the dreamers may have built me
You can't imagine the things I've ben through to be alive
Pick yourself up off the floor and tie yourself back again.
I never would have thought it possible to survive
What could be so appealing that you could just lose control

When Im Away
When Im Away
When Im Away
When Im Away
Track Name: Open Wide
This is not what it looks like
But this is how it feels
If it sounds like hell
To it you must be near
Set the scene and hold it back
Only you should dare
Set the scene and hold it back
Death is only fair
Slowly take a breath
Truly it could be your last
Lights camera action
Fifteen seconds to go
Lights camera action
Give the world a show
Now the days compose
The script from which you read
Moment you oppose
You cannot refrain

Open wide and let me in
There's nothing left, for you too impale

Words will not express
The witness you shall bear
Held beneath a gun
Thrown to the ground in fear

This flesh of mine
Nerves ripped at the seams
Body feel this Pleasure
From the silver screen
Roll the camera catch the act
Only death can steal
There is no confusion
There is no remorse
Flirting with persuasion
I will tease your eyes with 
Show me How does it feel 
To be the one on the scale
you have got to make
A sacraficial bone
Time to give away
Everything you own

Open wide and let me in
There's nothing left, for you too impale
Track Name: Using Your Imagination
It's all right, so easy
To be the one to please
Thick make up Bright lights
This moments your to die
So you think, you got a fetish
Please let me give you one better
You were such a pretty girl
Good use made of your talents
Silver screen surrounds
This is the way it goes
Your burning desire takes on a life of its own.

Using your imagination
I can do whatever I please

Your quite the visionary
Bleaching your life of fear
With each day elapsing
Ill die another way
I know ots safe to say
No two deaths are alike
Take a picture, make a movie
Within you capture time
If I said one word
Would you be so inclined
What have you
What makes you of all the implications
Who showed you this void
Within you'll never die
Thank god in not far from
This fuckong rotten town.

Using your imagination
I can do whatever I please
Track Name: A Glade Smile
There's something I need you to abandon 
Another crooked death you can falsify 
If you act your age you would be like a pile of bones.
Helplessly you grin 
As death stares you down

Give birth to another death as you lay down next to mercy
And it's evil grin warns you 
All the while you lament 
Just to exist 
Just to exist

If you dare to run I might keep you for a while.